World Water Day and Lien AID in 2016

Observing World Water Day 2016 22 March marks the annual international observance of World Water Day where we learn more about water related issues, be inspired to share and take action to make a difference. As we look forward to learning from the United Nations World Water Development Report that is launching on 22 March, […]

2015 in retrospect

Before the novelty of the New Year wears off, we decided to pause and reflect on the past twelve months. In 2015, we brought clean water to an estimated 147,000 people in 39 villages across rural Asia thanks to alliances with some amazing partners – the Coutts Foundation, CITIC Envirotech, UNICEF Cambodia, Prince Albert II of […]

Field Notes for November and December 2015

 Cambodia From the post-project monitoring and evaluation activities of previous projects, delivered under the Community Water Enterprise (CWE) programme in Cambodia, we identified the inability (of the water management committee and water entrepreneur) to raise demand levels of bottled water as a key challenge to the financial sustainability of the water service delivery. As such, […]

Ending Poverty by 2030

On 25th September 2015, more than 150 world leaders gathered at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit to celebrate the accomplishments and review the shortfalls over the past 15 years, and to renew their commitment to end poverty. This renewed commitment was translated into seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with 169 targets set to address […]

Field Notes for September and October 2015

Cambodia The construction of 9 Community Water Treatment Plants in selected communes (refer here to previous field notes for more details) was completed in October, with all plants passing water quality tests based on local drinking water standards. This follows the completion of September’s training of the entrepreneurs and community water management committees, which focused […]

Coutts Foundation X Lien AID – Bringing Clean Water to 17,959 rural poor in China

Coutts Foundation partnered with Lien AID in February last year for the 5th batch of projects initiated under the Village Water Management programme in China and which were recently completed in July 2015. The 11 projects in this batch are located in the prefectures of Zunyi, Bijie and Anshun in Guizhou province and have received […]

Field Notes for July and August 2015

Cambodia The tender for the construction of the 9 Community Water Treatment Plants in the selected communes (refer here to previous field notes for more details) were officially awarded in packages to 3 specialist contractors. The construction phase of the projects is expected to end in early September, with training of the entrepreneur and the […]

A Small Price to Pay for Better Health

Preak Koy Village, Preak Koy Commune Cambodia “When I was a boy we drank river water without boiling it and didn’t get sick.” said Mr. Touch Bunthorn, a resident of Preak Koy Commune in Cambodia. “During the Pol Pot regime people began to get sick from drinking river water, so we started boiling the water […]

More Time to Farm

Pak Nam Village, Pong Ro Commune Cambodia Mrs. Chorn Sina and her husband are tobacco farmers in Pak Nam Village, a rural community of just over 1,000 families along Touch River in Pong Ro Commune, Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia. A UNICEF funded Community Water Treatment Plant opened in Pak Nam Village in November, 2014. Before […]

Keeping Children in School in Koah Roka

Chrey Thmei Village, Koah Roka Commune Cambodia Koah Roka is a commune of 508 families just a few kilometers from the Vietnam border. Carts drawn by water buffalo move along the dirt road that runs into Vietnam, arriving empty into Cambodia and leaving heavily laden with bags of rice. Along this main dirt road there […]