• A CSR Partnership Aligned With Your Goals

A CSR Partnership Aligned With Your Goals

Lien AID is a secular nonprofit providing clean water to the rural poor in China and Cambodia. We are hoping to find more corporate partners who can integrate our programmes into their plans for social responsibility.

  • Our unique organisational structure means that 100% of partner funding goes to programme costs.
  • Our custom designed programmes in Cambodia and China sell water at affordable prices, foster community involvement, and create jobs. These programmes are designed to outlast our direct involvement.
  • The Community Water Entrepreneur programme in Cambodia builds a clean water treatment plant staffed and maintained by a local entrepreneur and administered by the local government. We educate the local communities on the importance of drinking clean water. The CWE programme is delivered in locations where piped water systems are not feasible and where readily available surface waters are biologically contaminated.
  • The Village Water Management programme in China mentors grassroots leaders residing in communities, enabling them to implement clean water projects for the sustenance and development of their communities. The VWM programme is delivered in locations where available water sources are relatively clean but significantly distant from households.

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