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Water and sanitation are the world’s most urgent crises. In Asia, millions of rural poor have to walk miles everyday and pay unreasonable prices to secure safe water for their families. Even where water is available, it is often contaminated, contributing to high rates of infant mortality from water-borne diseases. Better access to clean water means healthier days for children and adults; more days for learning; more days earning a living. And hope for a better future.


We leverage funds from philanthropists, foundations, corporations and local governments to create impact at scale. Our Asia-centric programmes and initiatives provide opportunities for philanthropic investments to reach and impact a significant number of communities in Asia.

100% of external funding is channelled to direct project costs as our operating expenses are covered by the Lien Foundation. We provide project reports including full disclosure on expenditures, activities and outcomes.

Corporate Citizenship

According to The Nielsen Global Survey of Corporate Social Responsibility, which polled more than 30,000 consumers in 60 countries globally in 2014,  64% of consumers in Asia-Pacific were willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies committed to positive social and environmental impact.

Through the implementation of clean water projects, we provide companies with a structured platform to engage with and contribute to the positive social development of the communities in which they operate in.

Programme Delivery

We constantly strive to improve the effectiveness of our work and believe in the power of open collaboration to achieve greater reach, efficiency and impact. We seek partnerships that will help us evolve our programmes and initiatives to enable the rural poor in Asia.

Partnering together with non-profits, private sector organisations and governments, we hope to harness collective wisdom and power to enable a future where everyone can have sustainable access to clean water and sanitation.