Cambodia is ranked as a low-medium development country on UN’s Human Development Index, with 1 in 3 of its population still surviving on less than a dollar (USD) a day. Cambodia’s infant and under-5 child mortality rates are also one of the highest in the region and 40% of children show moderate or severe stunting.


Despite dramatic growth in national income, large disparities between rural and urban dwellers exist, with 82.49 million rural dwellers still living below China’s poverty line. Of these, a large proportion live in counties located in the mountainous areas of the southwestern provinces.


Vietnam has moved to a medium-income country status but pockets of poverty exist in the rural north-central and north-east regions, and the Mekong Delta and central coastal regions, which are home to 7 out of 10 of its 11.1 million still living in poverty.


Prone to recurrent natural disasters such as tropical cyclones, floods, and droughts, 13.3 million of Myanmar’s population live below the poverty line, with most of the poor living in the central dry zone or the remote mountain regions. Myanmar’s infant and under-5 mortality rates are the third highest in Southeast Asia and 35% of children show moderate or severe stunting.

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