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UN declares Nov 19 as World Toilet Day

Through a unanimous vote by its 193-member states, the UN has officially declared Nov 19 as World Toilet Day. “Sanitation for All” is the first resolution that Singapore has tabled in its 48 years as part of the UN. UN-Deputy Secretary Jan Eliasson said annual observance of World Toilet Day will “go a long way […]

Eight local champions selected in efforts to pipe clean water into homes in rural China

In rural China, hours spent trekking to the nearest water source only yields villagers as much water as he can carry home. During the annual drought, this worsens as villagers are forced to ration whatever little water they manage to collect from increasingly parched water sources. In its second instalment, a revolutionary collaboration between Lien […]

Harmful medical wastewater made safe for the environment

Rural communities living near four district hospitals (with a capacity of 100-200 sick beds) in the Nghe An Province (Vietnam) breathed a sigh of relief as medical facilities were equipped earlier this year, to treat harmful medical wastewater making it safe before release into the surrounding environment. Poor infrastructure had left these communities at high […]

Every drop counts: Singapore World Water Day 2013

Water is precious; every drop counts. Lien AID marked Singapore World Water Day 2013 together with an estimated 25, 000 people across 15 locations island-wide in an event organised by the Public Utilities Board Singapore. At the anchor location Marina Barrage, Lien AID raised awareness about the poor access to clean water that still faces […]

Lien AID and the China Association of Poverty Alleviation and Development in Collaboration to Empower Local Champions in Improving Water Conditions at Poor Rural Villages

‘With water, I see hope for my village. The township and county governments are very supportive of plans for the village to embark in greenhouse farming and cultivation of herbs for sales.’ – Student Village Officer from Gansu Province. Lien AID continues with a revolutionary collaboration with the China Association of Poverty Alleviation and Development […]