UN declares Nov 19 as World Toilet Day

Through a unanimous vote by its 193-member states, the UN has officially declared Nov 19 as World Toilet Day. “Sanitation for All” is the first resolution that Singapore has tabled in its 48 years as part of the UN.

UN-Deputy Secretary Jan Eliasson said annual observance of World Toilet Day will “go a long way towards raising awareness about the need for all human beings to have access to sanitation”.

“By the UN officially designating a day, it creates tremendous awareness of the global water and sanitation crisis. It will rally much needed investments to this area, and hopefully create sustainable and long-term change for communities in need, ” shared Lien AID CEO Koh Lian Hock.

Lien AID continues to work towards improving access to clean water and proper sanitation in poor rural communities in Asia, but more can be done. Support our cause and get involved with what we do!